• What do I do if I need travel assistance at night or on the weekend?

    Peak Travel's after-hours service is available to assist with urgent travel needs 24/7. This service should be used for immediate travel assistance only. Non-urgent travel assistance should wait until the next business day. The after-hours service is available by calling 866-305-8931 and using access code 1XN3. Travelers outside the U.S. can call collect to 303-876-4220.
  • How do I get started when booking travel for the first time?

    The first step in booking a trip with Peak Travel is to complete a travel profile. Completing the travel profile is a one-time-only process. The travel profile contains all of your travel preference and contact information. To complete a travel profile simply click on Traveler Profile in the Top Travel Links section on the homepage. Your travel profile will be entered into Peak Travel's system within 24 hours (or next business day) of submission.
  • Who do I contact at Peak Travel if I need assistance booking air, car, and/or hotel reservations?

    University of Oregon's dedicated team of travel agents is available by e-mailing traveldesk@peaktravel.com or by calling 877-848-4470.
  • Does University of Oregon have a travel policy and, if so, how can I obtain a copy?

    Yes, University of Oregon does have a Travel Policy that establishes the company's guidelines and expectations related to business travel. The Travel Policy is available by visiting the University's Office of Business Affairs website at: http://ba.uoregon.edu/staff/travel
  • Who do I contact at University of Oregon if I have a comment or question about our travel program?

    Laurie Jacoby, U of O Travel Manager, oversees the travel program and manages our relationships with preferred suppliers. Laurie can be contacted at lajacoby@uoregon.edu or 541-346-3158.
  • Can I use Peak Travel to assist with my vacation travel plans?

    Yes. Peak Travel offers a wide-range of leisure travel and vacation services. Whether you're interested in a family vacation, adventure travel, or a cruise, Peak Travel has an expert ready to assist. Contact a Peak Travel Vacation Specialist by calling 800-999-2608.