Mon, 10 August

Mali: Minimise movement on 11 August during fresh anti-government protests

Members in Mali on 11 August should minimise movement during fresh anti-government protests called by the M5-RFP opposition coalition, due to the credible risk of unrest. In the capital Bamako, a large protest is planned from 14.00 (local time) at Monument de l?independance. The group has also called for related gatherings in regional capitals on the day, including Kayes, Segou and Sikasso cities. The protests are part of an ongoing anti-government campaign calling for the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (commonly known as IBK). Rallies have been accompanied by sporadic roadblocks and clashes between participants and the security forces.

Côte d'Ivoire: Daoukro: Avoid flashpoint areas during ongoing protests

Members in Daoukro (Lacs district) in the coming hours should anticipate disruption during ongoing demonstrations related to the presidential election and avoid flashpoint areas where possible. Demonstrators have blocked all access routes to the city, and the security forces are at the scene.

Côte d'Ivoire: Abidjan: Avoid planned protests linked to presidential elections on 10 August

Members in Abidjan (Abidjan district) on 10 August should exercise caution and avoid all reportedly planned protests related to the upcoming 31 October presidential elections. Following recent developments related to the elections (see separate alert), protests have been taking place to denounce president Alassane Ouattara candidacy and the exclusion of former president Laurent Gbagbo (in office 2000-11) from the provisional electoral list by the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI). Members should also exercise heightened vigilance due to potential spontaneous protests and the risk of clashes between protesters and the security forces, as well as between rival supporters.

Pakistan: SPECIAL ADVISORY: Chaman (Balochistan province): Continue to avoid Mall Road following fatal bombing (Revised)

Members in Chaman (Balochistan province) over the coming hours should continue to avoid Mall Road, where a fatal bombing occurred at 11.20 (local time). At least five people were killed and 20 injured, while nearby buildings sustained damage. The affected area remains cordoned off for investigations and heightened security can be expected. Members should liaise with local contacts to remain apprised of developments and reconfirm that routes are clear before setting out. Travel to most parts of Balochistan, including Chaman, should be for business-critical purposes only.

Japan: Western regions: Anticipate potential disruption during passage of Tropical Storm Jangmi

Members in northern areas of Kyushu, Shikoku and Chugoku regions until at least 11 August should anticipate potential disruption during the passage of Tropical Storm Jangmi. The weather system is not forecast to make landfall. However, heavy rain, thunderstorm and high tide advisories are in place for all prefectures in the aforementioned regions. Jangmi is forecast to weaken into a low pressure system as it approaches Hokkaido island by 11 August afternoon. Short-notice disruption to flights is possible in areas located close to Jangmi?s path, as seen on 9 August in Okinawa prefecture.

Lebanon: Beirut: Anticipate disruption to essential services, avoid anti-government demonstrations over coming weeks (Revised)

Members in the capital Beirutover the coming weeksshould continue anticipate disruption to essential services following the 4 August explosions at the Port of Beirut. While volunteer-led clean-up efforts are under way, the provision of essential services ? such as electricity and internet ? will remain subject to periodic disruption. Anti-government demonstrations will also continue and are likely to be well-attended given the heightened widespread frustration with the political establishment. Members should avoid all related gatherings due to the risk of unrest, as the security forces are liable to break up such events.

Pakistan: Continue to plan journeys accounting for disruption during monsoon season

Members in Pakistan should continue to plan journeys accounting for disruption to travel and essential services during the ongoing monsoon season, which will lastuntil September. In the immediate term, precipitation is forecast across the country until at least 14 August, with isolated heavy rainfall until 11 August in parts of the capital Islamabad, as well as Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces and Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Members should maintain flexible itineraries and liaise with local contacts regarding the feasibility of journeys before setting out.

United States: Chicago: Plan journeys bypassing ongoing disturbances in downtown area

Rioting is reported to be ongoing overnight on 9-10 August at multiple place in downtown Chicago (Illinois state). Looting and confrontations with the police have also been reported.

Sun, 09 August

Lebanon: Beirut: Avoid planned protest on 10 August at Riad al-Solh

Members in the capital Beirut on 10 August should avoid a protest at 15.00 (local time) at Riad al-Solhdue to the risk of unrest. The demonstration is planned to coincide with a cabinet meeting. The police are likely to forcibly disperse demonstrators, posing incidental risks to bystanders.

China: Fujian province: Plan journeys accounting for disruption during passage of Tropical Depression SEVEN

Members should plan journeys accounting for potential disruption until at least 12 August due to the passage of Tropical Depression SEVEN. The weather system is forecast to intensify into a tropical storm before making landfall by the morning of 11 August on the coast between Xiamen city and Lianjiang county (both Fujian). The Fujian Meteorological Bureau has issued a yellow typhoon warning (lowest level on a four-tier scale) across the province. Heavy rainfall and strong winds can be expected in areas along the path of the storm.

Poland: Urban centres: Anticipate further protests over arrest of LGBT rights activists (Revised)

Members in urban centresin the coming daysshould anticipate and avoid further protests over the recent arrest of LGBT rights activists. Several thousand demonstrators gathered on 8 August at thePalace of Culture and Sciencein the capital Warsaw. Localised clashes were reported between participants and the police. On 9 August, solidarity protests occurred in other cities, including Gdansk (Pomerania province). Any further related demonstrations are likely to be well attended, particularly in Warsaw, with the potential for further localised disruption and unrest.

Mexico: Plan journeys accounting for potential disruption caused by Tropical Storm Elida

Members in coastal western-central and Baja California Sur states in the coming days should anticipate potential disruption caused by Tropical Storm Elida. The storm is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane by 10 August morning. However, on its current trajectory, Elida is not expected to make landfall. It is forecast to potentially cause heavy rain and strong winds in coastal areas of Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa, as well as southern areas of Baja California Sur. Elida is moving in a north-westerly direction away from the country?s western coast. No watches or warnings have been issued for any coastal areas.

Colombia: Caldas department, surrounding areas: Follow official directives after increased seismic activity at Nevado del Ruiz volcano

Members in Caldas department and surrounding areas in the coming days should exercise caution and follow all official directives after increased seismic activity at the Nevado del Ruiz volcano. On 8 August, the Colombian Geological Service (SGC) detected a magnitude 3.1 earthquake, which occurred at depth of 2.5 miles (4.1km). Despite the development, the SGC maintains the yellow activity level (second-lowest on a four-tier scale) for the volcano.

Ethiopia: Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples? Region: Anticipate, avoid further protests linked to arrest of local officials

Members in Sodo town in Wolayita zone (Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region, SNNPR) should avoid any further protests over the arrest of local officials by the authorities. Overnight on 9-10 August, demonstrators blocked roads in the town. Gunshots and unrest was also reported. Unofficial local sources suggest that the officials are part of a commission seeking to establish statehood. Gatherings likely to persist until they are released. Members should keep abreast of the situation.

Thailand: Bangkok: Avoid demonstrations on 10 August; anticipate disruption

Members in the capital Bangkok on 10 August should avoid demonstrations due to the risk of localised disruption and disturbances. Rival rallies by pro-democracy and pro-government groups are ongoingin front of Parliament House. The former are demanding the dissolution of the House and a revision of the constitution. Separately, a student protest is planned at 17.00 (local time) at Thammasat University Rangsit Campus. Low-level scuffles are possible between protest groups and the police may forcibly disperse crowds.

Niger: Tillaberi region: Fatal attack on foreign nationals underscores need for vigilance, stringent precautions

Six French NGO workers and their local guide and driver were ambushed and killed by suspected armed militants on 9 August. The latter opened fire at their vehicle in the Koure Giraffe Reserve (Tillaberi region), around 40 miles (64km) south-east of the capital Niamey. The attackers fled the scene after carrying out the assault, which occurred at around 11.30 (local time). No group has yet claimed responsibility. The incident highlights the fact that such attacks are possible even in MEDIUM risk areas. Members travelling to such areas should exercise vigilance and stringent precautions.

Asia & the Pacific: Abide by all official directives on bilateral travel arrangements

Members are advised to follow all official directives as Singapore and Malaysia reopen their borders for limited travel between the two countries for citizens and residents. The Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) allows legal residents of these countries, regardless of their nationality, to undertake essential cross-border business and official travel for up to 14 days. Meanwhile, the Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) allows business travellers or workers with citizenship or permanent residency in either country to stay for at least 90 days at their destination. Application for a PCA, which only covers travel through land borders and entails a home quarantine requirement, will open at 12.00 (local time) on 10 August.

South Korea: South Gyeongsang, Jeju provinces: Expect heavy rain, associated disruption until 11 August due to passage of Tropical Storm Jangmi

Members inSouth GyeongsangandJejuprovinces should expect heavy rainfall, strong winds and associated disruption during the passage of Tropical Storm Jangmi. According to the Korean Meteorological Agency (KMA), Jangmi is expected to make landfall north-north-east ofBusan city by 18.00 (local time) on 10 August. It will then proceed towards the Sea of Japan (East Sea) at 00.01 on 11 August. Short-notice flight disruption is possible, including at Gimhae International Airport (PUS), which serves Busan.

Madagascar: COVID-19: Lockdown extended until further notice in Analamanga region; continue to defer all travel

Members should continue to defer all travel to Madagascar, where stringent COVID-19-related restrictions are in place. All international flights to/from Madagascar are suspended. A curfewfrom22.00 to 04.00(local time) continues in the districts of East Fenerive (Analanjirofo region) and Moramanga (Alaotra-Mangoro region). The lockdown in Analamanga region, including the capital Antananarivo, has been extendeduntil further notice. Businesses are allowed to reopen and close by 17.00 every day. Refer to our Pandemicwebsitefor current restrictions.

Australia: New South Wales, Western Australia states: Plan journeys accounting for disruption due to adverse weather (Revised)

Members in New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia states should plan journeys in the coming days accounting for disruption due to ongoing adverse weather. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned of heavy rain, strong winds and flash floods across both states. Members should follow all official directives, including those related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Puerto Rico (US): San Juan: Anticipate disruption to journeys to, from international airport due to ongoing protest in vicinity

Members should anticipate disruption to journeys to and from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU), which serves the capital San Juan, due to an ongoing protest in the vicinity. Protesters are demanding closure of the airport. Members using the airport in the coming hours should allow additional time to complete journeys to and from the facility.

Greece: Evia island: Expect travel disruption, exercise caution following flash flooding (Revised)

Members onEvia island(Central Greece region) should expect disruption and exercise caution due to flash flooding caused by a storm early on 9 August. The flooding has caused significant damage aroundHalkida, especially in the village ofPolitika as well as Bourtzi andLefkantiareas (all Evia). At least seven people were killed and several dozen trapped in their homes due to floodwater.

United States: Seattle: Anticipate localised disruption due to ongoing protest on 4th Avenue; allow additional travel time

Members in Seattle (Washington state) should anticipate localised disruption due to an ongoing protest on 4th Avenue. The north-bound left lane from James Street to Cherry Street has been closed. Members should allow additional time to complete journeys.

Belarus: Urban centres: Continue to minimise non-essential movement amid ongoing protests as voting result indicates victory for incumbent president

Members in the country should continue to minimise non-essential movement amid ongoing protests in several urban centres, including the capital Minsk. The demonstrations follow an official exit poll indicating victory for incumbent Aleksandr Lukashenko in the presidential election held on 9 August. Large demonstrations are reportedly ongoing in Brest (Brest region), Minsk, and Zhodzina (Minsk region), among other cities. Clashes have broken out in some locations, including in Minsk, where the security forces are forcibly dispersing demonstrators.

Russia: Moscow: Avoid vicinity of Embassy of Belarus due to ongoing protest

Members in the capital Moscow in the coming hours should avoid the vicinity of the Embassy of Belarus due to an ongoing protest. Voters who were unable to cast their ballots in the Belarusian presidential election before the polling station closed earlier on 9 August are protesting outside the building. Attendance at the demonstration is likely to grow, as preliminary exit polls indicate that incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko has won the majority of the vote. A heightened security presence has been reported in the affected area. The police are liable to forcibly disperse any unauthorised gatherings.

South Africa: Cape Town: Anticipate, avoid further disruptive protests linked to land invasions (Revised)

Members in Cape Town (Western Cape province)in the coming weeksshould anticipate and avoid further disruptive protests linked to land invasions. Protests broke out in July after the authorities attempted to evict illegal land invaders in Kraaifontein, 19 miles (30km) north-east of Cape Town. A number of sporadic gatherings have since occurred; demonstrators have blocked roads and pelted passers-by with stones. Related demonstrators have also been held over unemployment and a lack of housing in other parts of the city. Members should reconfirm the status of routes before travelling, and avoid areas that are experiencing unrest.

East Timor: COVID-19: Continue to defer all travel due to re-imposition of state of emergency

Members should continue to defer all travel to East Timor due to the re-imposition of a state of emergency (SOE), which will last until at least 4 September. The SOE was reimposed following a reported first confirmed COVID-19 case since 24 April. From 6 August, all travellers arriving and leaving the country are subject to medical screenings and a 14-day quarantine. Inbound travellers are also required to undergo COVID-19 test upon arrival. An entry ban for most foreign nationals remains in effect. Further restriction measures are likely to be announced in the coming days.

India: Continue to plan journeys accounting for disruption during monsoon season

Members should continue to plan journeys accounting for intermittent disruption to travel and essential services due to heavy rainfall, flooding and landslides during the ongoing monsoon seasonuntil September. Reports on 9 August indicate that recent heavy rain has caused landslides in the Rajamalai area of Idukki district (Kerala state) and significant flooding in Mumbai (Maharashtra state) and nearby districts. Meanwhile, flooding persists in Bihar state, though the situation in Asom (Assam) state has gradually improved. Members should maintain flexible itineraries, avoid affected districts and reconfirm the feasibility of journeys before setting out.

Belarus: Continue to minimise non-essential movement during presidential election on 9 August; plan routes bypassing protests due to risk of unrest

Members in Belarus should continue to minimise non-essential movement during the presidential election on 9 August. Calls for demonstrations at 22.00 (local time) have been circulating on social media. Any essential journeys should be planned bypassing these gatherings. In the capital Minsk, participants plan to gather at the Hero City Stella, as well as Prospect Pobeditelei and Independence Avenue if the access to the first location is blocked. In other urban centres, participants will gather in central squares. Demonstrators have also been encouraged to vote at around 18.00 and to remain at polling stations until their closure at 20.00 to demand that the votes be counted publicly.Indiscriminate arrests and forceful dispersal measures can be expected to be used against protesters.

United States: Anticipate further demonstrations with potential for unrest on 9 August

Members in the US on 9 August should exercise caution and anticipate potential unrest linked to demonstrations concerning police brutality reform and the 3 November presidential elections. Protesters supporting and opposing police reforms are likely to be present at any such rallies as well as supporters and opponents of the leading presidential candidates, increasing the risk of tensions and confrontations at protests. There are persistent underlying risks associated with such events due to the emotive nature of the protests and the potential presence of firearms, counter-demonstrators and extremist individuals. Members attending related gatherings should be aware of their surroundings, maintain access to reliable means of communication and leave at the first sign of unrest.

Thailand: Urban centres: Continue to avoid vicinity of pro-democracy rallies

Members in urban centresin the coming daysshould continue to anticipate and avoid protests demanding the resignation of the current administration and the dissolution of parliament. Demonstrations have occurred across urban centres, including around the capital Bangkok?sVictory MonumentandGovernment House. A major protest has been scheduled for 16 August and further short-notice gatherings are likely to occur throughout the country. Government supporters have also held demonstrations in support of the regime. While recent protests have been largely peaceful and localised, low-level scuffles between groups of demonstrators and the police remain possible.

Egypt: Expect heightened security measures, disruption on 11-12 August during Senate elections

Members in Egypt during the Senate elections should anticipate heightened security measures and disruption. The elections will take place on 11-12 August and the preliminary results are expected to be released on 19 August. According to the authorities, additional security force personnel will be deployed during the voting to conduct patrols around polling stations and along major routes leading to them. Heightened security measures will also be implemented at other high-profile locations. Members should allow additional time for road journeys as heightened security measures may exacerbate traffic congestion.

Somalia: Mogadishu: Reconfirm flight schedules amid strike at Aden Adde International Airport

Members should reconfirm flight schedules at the capital Mogadishu?s Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ) due to an ongoing staff strike on 9 August over delayed salaries. Flights have been disrupted, with passenger aircraft reportedly stranded on the airport runway. It is unclear how long the industrial action will last. However, short-notice flight cancellations are possible should the strike continue in the coming hours.

Belarus: Minimise non-essential movement during poll on 9 August; avoid all gatherings related to presidential election

Members in Belarus should minimise non-essential movement during the presidential poll on 9 August amid an increased risk of election-related unrest. The final results must be released by 19 August, though preliminary results may be announced late on polling day or on the following day. The announcement is expected to prompt gatherings by supporters of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who is the main opposition candidate running against incumbent Aleksandr Lukashenko. Members should continue to exercise caution in the days following the vote. Increased security force presence in public places as well as intermittent localised disruption to internet and mobile networks can be expected in the coming days.

Bahamas: COVID-19: Continue to defer travel following announcement of new nationwide lockdown until 18 August (Revised)

Members should continue to defer all travel to the Bahamas during a nationwide lockdownin effect until at least 18 Augustdue to a spike in COVID-19 cases. Internal movement has been restricted and non-essential businesses are closed for the duration of the lockdown. The country?s borders will remain open to all international travellers, including from the US; however, those seeking entry to the Bahamas will have to submit a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result and apply for a health visa within ten days of arrival, as well as undergoing a mandatory 14-day quarantine once inside the country.

United States: Portland: Plan routes avoiding vicinity of ongoing confrontations between protesters, police around Kenton Park

Members in Portland (Oregon state) in the coming hours should plan routes avoiding the vicinity of ongoing confrontations between protesters and the police in the Kenton neighbourhood. The police have used tear gas and flash grenades in an attempt to disperse the crowd in the vicinity of Kenton Park.

Bangladesh: Continue to plan journeys accounting for intermittent travel disruption during monsoon season

Members in Bangladesh should continue to plan journeys accounting for intermittent disruption to travel and essential services during the monsoon season, which lasts until September. Heavy rain has so far affected more than 5.4m people. North and north-eastern regions have been worst hit, including Gaibandha, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari districts (all Rangpur division) and Jamalpur (?Mymensingh division). Several low-lying areas in the capital Dhaka remain inundated with floodwaters. Food and drinking water shortages have been reported among those stranded in flooded areas; government relief efforts are ongoing.

Sat, 08 August

South Africa: Exercise caution as further instances of xenophobic violence may prompt unrest in coming weeks

Anti-immigrant and xenophobic sentiment will continue to rise as South Africa continues to face negative economic repercussions in its battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. A Somali shop owner in Durban (KwaZulu-Natal province) was killed on 6 August. On 1 August, a Mozambican national was killed and 18 others were displaced after their businesses and homes were looted in Thokoza township (Gauteng province). A popular movement under the Twitter hashtag #putSouthAfricansfirst has announced a march to Union Buildings in Pretoria (Gauteng province) on 29 August. They are denouncing perceived foreign encroachment on South African jobs. Members should expect additional protests and associated unrest as frustration mounts over the economic slowdown.

United States: Garfield county (Colorado state): Plan routes accounting for disruption due to ongoing wildfire

Members in or travelling through Garfield county (Colorado state) should plan routes avoiding areas affected by an ongoing wildfire north of Grand Junction. The so-called ?Pine Gulch Fire? began on 31 July due to a lightning strike and has since spread over an area of around 33 sq miles (86 sq km). Several roads have been closed, including county roads 204 and 202 and Interstate (I)-70 westbound lanes. The authorities have issued pre-evacuation warnings for affected parts of the county. Smoke plumes have stretched from Grand Junction to the Denver Metropolitan Area (Colorado). As of 8 August, the fire is 7% contained.

Israel: Northern border areas, Golan Heights: Continue to monitor developments following cross-border incidents (Revised)

Members in Israel in the coming weeks should monitor developments and follow official directives after different cross-border incidents that occurred on both the Lebanese and the Syrian borders. Tensions are escalating in the Shebaa Farms area after an alleged infiltration by the Shia Muslim Hizbullah movement was attempted to cross the so-called UN-recognised ?Blue Line? border between Israel and Lebanon on 27 July. More recently, on 3 August the Israel Defense Force (IDF) confirmed that it had carried out several airstrikes targeting military positions near Quneitra (Syria). Tensions remain high and heightened security is in place; members in northern Israel should ensure escalation plans are updated and rapidly implementable.